No homeowner likes to spend money on repairs that appear to be mundane on the surface. However, failure to repair cracks and settled sections of concrete slabs can cause significant structural damage to your home. Some would immediately get some professional help like the Concrete Contractors of Mobile, while others are just having concrete repairs with DIY-friendly, many require specialized concrete services and professional equipment.


Everything You Need To Know About Concrete Foundation Repair


Unfortunately, moisture and time are your foundation’s arch enemy. Both of these factors naturally cause concrete to eventually settle and crack, resulting in a number of problems if neglected. The biggest problem facing homeowners who neglect foundation repair is the amount of structural damage that can occur over time. What would have been a small repair bill can easily add up to thousands of dollars if you fail to maintain your foundation.


The sooner you can identify the early warning signs of foundation settlement, the longer your foundation will last. Here are five early warning signs for foundation repair:


  1. Large Drywall Cracks


Large cracks in your drywall is one of the best indicators for foundation settlement. Although small cracks in joint seams, corners, and along the edge of the ceiling are normal, some are not. Jagged and sizeable zigzag cracks in drywall are signs of significant foundation settlement and need to be addressed immediately for safety reasons. If you have a drywall crack that has been repaired and keeps coming back, you should seek concrete repair services.


  1. Concrete Slab and Wall Cracks


A quick inspection of your concrete foundation can disclose whether or not you have abnormal foundation settlement. For homeowners with basements, large cracks in your concrete walls and floors is an early warning sign for settlement. Foundation settlement can occur due to erosion, improper drainage, and poor soil construction. Another good sign for foundation repair is uneven concrete floors as well as cracked and raised sections of a concrete slab.


  1. Improper Window and Door Functions


If your windows stick and do not shut and open as they should, this is an early warning sign that something’s not level in your home. Both exterior and interior doors that do not operate smoothly can be an indicator of present foundation settlement. A proper inspection by an experienced concrete company can determine your risks and provide you a foundation repair solution.


  1. Uneven Floors and Countertops

When foundation settlement is present, it can cause your floors and countertops to become uneven. Rooms with carpeting can be harder to detect, but you may be able to notice it when walking on them. Areas with tiles, hardwood, linoleum, and laminates are easier to see and show signs of high and low spots. Your countertops are also a useful tool for identifying foundation settlement, especially when round items start rolling. The quicker you can identify a foundation problem, the less expensive it will be in the end.


  1. Your Ridge-Line Isn’t Level


Although there are several early warning signs inside of your home, stepping outside and viewing your ridgeline will tell you all you need to know. If the horizontal plane of your roof is uneven, rolling, lifted, sagging, or lopsided, you need an immediate roof and foundation repair.


Professional Foundation Repair and Inspection Services

For North Carolina and Southern Virginia homeowners in need of foundation repair or who want a professional inspection of their home’s concrete foundation, contact We Do Concrete Cheap today, where you always get the most affordable solution for any concrete problem. We specialize in a variety of grout injection solutions that easily raise sections of settled concrete while filling the void with a sustainable material that prevents future foundation settlement from occuring.