Want to add a touch of elegance to your front steps? Stamped concrete can be used to create a stylish and unique look, while also making your steps safer with more traction. Stamped concrete stairs are often made to look like stone or brick, but you can choose any style you like. Design, shape, and pattern options are limitless, see this to post to know some few ideas.


Stamped Concrete that Looks Like Stone


Stone is classic, tasteful, and traditional. You can choose from an incredible variety of stamp options to make all or part of your steps resemble stone. For example, many homeowners choose a tile or cobblestone pattern for pathways and landings, with stone-like slabs as the actual stairs. This patio is a good example:


In fact, stairs that resemble one large piece of stone are extremely popular. We can create this style using an irregular, textured, wavy pattern.


Whether you decide to emulate some of our most popular designs or get creative with your own vision, the choices are endless. There’s no reason you can’t choose multiple stamp patterns and techniques to create a completely personalized look.


Adding Colors


Concrete doesn’t have to be plain. One of the best aspects of working with concrete is the color options. We can use stains, dyes, paints, and more to add interest. Grays, browns, and tans are great options if you choose a stone stamp pattern. You can even make your concrete look like wood planks, in which case an earthy brown color is a great choice.


Of course, mimicking natural materials isn’t your only option. You could instead choose brighter, eye-catching colors to make your steps a bold focal point.


Brick Patterned Concrete Stamping


Did you know concrete can also be stamped to look like brick? All you need is the right stamp pattern and a nice brick-red color. You might choose subtle coloring and large “bricks,” like the example above, or you might prefer a traditional brick shape with a brighter red color.

The home below utilizes a brick pattern for all of the front steps and much of the driveway. The light colored concrete running through the middle creates a lovely, crisp contrast to the darker red brick pattern.


Attention to Detail


You’d be amazed at the level of detail we can achieve with concrete craftsmanship. You don’t need to limit yourself to one or two stamp patterns. You may want to selectively stamp several areas and not others. You may want to add interest to a specific area with a single stamp that looks like a fern, a leaf, or another shape of your choosing.


A large circular design like this is perfect for big patios, but there’s no reason you couldn’t do something similar on or near your steps.