A patio is an essential element in today’s backyards. Concrete is the most popular patio material in the country. With many decorative finishes, concrete patios attract homeowners who want an outdoor surface with unlimited design potential. 


When compared to wooden decks and patio surfaces composed of paver stones or bricks, concrete patios are the clear winner. From a wide variety of styles and designs at affordable prices to its low maintenance nature and longevity, concrete offers multiple advantages. When considering a concrete patio, there’s only one company that can help you work on it, Concrete Contractors of Mobile will definitely help you with your concrete patio project.


Moreover, there are still things you need to understand about concrete patios:


All Concrete Patios Are not the Same


Did you know your patio does not have to look identical to any other? You have your own creative ideas for your space, and we want to do our best to make your patio fit the needs of you and your family.


You might need room for a hot tub, a swimming pool, or an array of play equipment. Maybe you’d like to host large gatherings in your yard or have room for big projects. Or perhaps you want an extensive area of flat, even ground for easier walking and running. 


Concrete patios can even be stamped and colored to give them the look of hand-laid stone or tile. You can have a beautiful, elegant, long-lasting patio for a fraction of the price of real stone, and no one would ever know it was made with concrete!


So Why Choose a Concrete Patio?


Many homeowners today are choosing concrete patios over wood or other materials. Here are some reasons why:


  1. Concrete is durable

Patios have to withstand extreme weather conditions. Concrete can handle them all, from intense heat and humidity & violent winds to ice storms & heavy snow. And perhaps even more importantly, concrete is fire-resistant.


  1. Concrete is easy to maintain

Unlike wood, it needs no staining and resealing year after year, and it’s resistant to termites and rot. It doesn’t have joints between units like real stone, so there aren’t openings for weeds to sprout through.


  1. Concrete is versatile

Concrete can easily be poured into any shape, so you’re not limited by your space or by angular building materials. It can also be stained and stamped to create nearly any color or look you want!


But don’t be overwhelmed by the choices. Overall, concrete is both easier and cheaper to maintain. This is one factor why getting some professional assistance will help you bigtime. Concrete contractors carefully plan joints in the concrete slab before they pour it to ensure its durability. Additionally, with concrete slabs, there are options, such as steel rebar, for reinforcing concrete in geographic locations where soil composition makes for a poor foundation or where extreme weather poses a threat to the integrity of the concrete.


A professionally poured concrete slab as a patio surface won’t shift over time or give way to dirt and vegetation the way that pavers and brick do.