One of the most vital aspects of hiring any contractor is to make sure they carry valid insurance. Be as it may, unsuspecting homeowners can find themselves in hot water when they don’t verify critical information. This can lead to a number of things such as personal injury lawsuits, property damage, and improper concrete installations. So it is better to get the most trusted and deliver good expert concrete services. This way, you are confident enough that they will delivery good service and efficient work.


Take note, to avoid falling victim to a scam, never hand over a cash down payment without making sure a business is licensed and legitimate. Although some reputable contractors take cash for a down payment, most businesses today offer homeowners more secure payment options. The best way to secure concrete services today is with credit/debit cards, bank transfers, and other online payment options.


Here are five must-know tips for selecting a concrete contractor:


Tip #1: Verify Insurance


The first question you should ask when consulting with your concrete contractor is if they can furnish a valid copy of their general contractor’s insurance policy. The best way verify a company’s insurance is to call the insurance company listed on their general contractor’s insurance policy. Don’t always assume that every contractor is honest and has insurance for both general liability and workers compensation. If they do not have both of these items, it’s better to move on to a concrete company that does.


Tip #2: Check State Licence


If your concrete contractor cannot provide you with a valid state contractor’s license, you should run. Professional companies will have no problem furnishing their state licence or any other vital documents for that matter.


Tip #3: Verify & Call References


When going through the process of selecting a concrete contractor, always ask them for their references during your initial consultation. Legitimate companies will always give you solid references to actual homeowners who have used them in the past. These are the best types of references because you can learn a lot about a company by talking to their clients. Contractors who provide non-working phone numbers and ones that go straight to voicemail, should be avoided.


Tip #4: Check Their Rating


You check to see if the company is an accredited business and get their business listing rating by typing your information into the search bar. They also offer a scam-checker tool on their drop down menu.  


Tip #5: Quality of Craftsmanship


It is possible to find a concrete contractor that has all of his credentials in order, but lacks quality craftsmanship. Whether you’re making a significant or minor investment, the quality of work you receive should match your investment. When it comes to concrete, durability for a longer service life is important. Therefore, always select a concrete contractor with experience and proven track record for constructing quality concrete projects.